People's Pride 2021 Event F.A.Q

Question: Can I bring my own food or drink to People's Pride?

Answer: yes, we do not feel it is fair or right to stop you from bringing your own food and drink to a public event. 

Question: Can I bring alcohol to People's Pride?

Answer: Yes, although we will not be selling alcohol at this event, you are free to bring a reasonable amount of your own alcohol to the event. We would ask however that you do not become a nuisance or get drunk to excess as you will be asked to leave. We also ask that you do not allow under 18's to consume the alcohol that you have with you.  

Question: How much are tickets to People's Pride?

Answer: We do not charge for People's Pride this is a completely free event for anyone to attend, there are also no tickets needed.

Question: Can I bring my dog to People's Pride?

Answer: Yes, Dogs are welcome at People's Pride, provided they are kept on a lead. We also ask that you clean up after them.

Question: Where is the People's Pride being held?

Answer: People's Pride is being held at The Bandstand, Palmerston Park, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 1LL. For directions please click on our directions page or you can click here.

Question: Are there cash machines on-site?

Answer: We do not have any cash machines on-site, but there is a cash machine at the local shop opposite our site called  Central Convenience Store, the address for which is 1 Palmerston Road, Southampton, SO14 1LL. There are also various bank branches a short walk up to Above Bar Street.

Question: Can I bring my own camera?

Answer: We welcome personal cameras, however, if you are looking to take professional photos, a media pass must be arranged by contacting: before Friday 24th September 2021. We also encourage you to send your photos to us for use in our gallery and promotional materials, you will retain all rights to these photos. Send us your event photos to

Question: Where can I go for help on the day?

Answer: we have a huge array of options available to you if you need help or assistance with anything please speak to one of our volunteer marshalls or security staff who will be on-site for the duration of the event and are all in radio contact. We will also have an accessibility tent on site that can help with assisting people with accessibility issues around the site and much more.

Question: I am sensitive to loud music and sounds, what do you have in place?

Answer: We are happy to say that all of our music and acts are going to be at an appropriate level throughout the entire event, in the event however that you feel uncomfortable or would like to escape the noise of crowds, etc, please go to our quiet tent, where ear defenders are also supplied free of charge. 

Question: I would like to use ear defenders at the event, can you help?

Answer: We are pleased to say that we have a limited amount of ear defenders available for use around the site, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit of £5.00 to be able to use these around the site, please see the accessibility tent on arrival.

Question: I do not like enclosed spaces, have you prepared for this?

Answer: We are pleased to say that our event is being laid out in a way that is accessible to all. We will not be using fences and the way the site will be laid out will mean that you will have many exits and entrances without feeling entrapped.

Question: will you have toilets on-site?

Answer: We are pleased to say that we will not only have toilets on-site, but they will be gender-neutral, and as well as that, we will also have accessible toilets for those with disabilities on-site too.

Question: Are you the same people that organize Southampton Pride?

Answer: No we are not the same people that organize Southampton Pride, we have had several meetings with the key organizers of Southampton Pride and although we are both working to different aims, however we are supportive of each other's events, we have even had coffee together!

Question: Will food and drink be available at People's Pride?

Answer: There will be a cafe on site serving up delightful food courtesy of the Art House, Southampton as well as a burger van selling burgers and hot dogs, etc. We will also have some stallholders who sell sweets, popcorn, ice cream, alcoholic candy floss, and much more.

Question: How can I perform at People's Pride?

Answer: please click the artist and stallholders application tab above or  click here 

Question: How can I have a stall at People's Pride?

Answer: please click the artist and stallholders application tab above or  click here

Question: How do I become a sponsor or donate to People's Pride?

Answer: There are a few ways that you can become a sponsor of People's Pride or indeed donate to us, please take a look at our donate page or click here for all the details, we do not have corporate sponsors so every penny helps!

Question: Why have you started People's Pride?

Answer: For the answer to that you can click our about us page.

Have you found a sneaky question, we have not answered? Then please feel free to contact us by clicking here or the contact page above, we are always happy to hear from you!

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