Our Promises To You

1. We will never succumb to over-commercialization and we will only ever use sponsors or supporters who genuinely support the aims of the LGBTQIA+ community or are a part of it. 

2. We will never charge the public, charities, or community organisations to attend our main pride event, we do not think that it is right that people should be charged to attend pride.

3. We will always make sure any contractor, sub-contractor, etc working for or on behalf of us is fully trained on LGBTQIA+ issues before they come to work for us. 

4. We will never ask you to not bring your own food or drink into our main pride event, we think you should not be forced to buy stuff if you do not want to or cannot afford to do so.

5. We will never partner, obtain sponsorship, or run any of our events through any company that is known to have bad attitudes towards the community whatsoever, furthermore, we will not allow sponsors from polluters or companies with bad human rights records, etc.

5. We will ALWAYS publish all of our donations, accounts, and be transparent with the community about what we are spending your donations on. We will never hide behind complex excuses or so on. 

© 2023 by  PEOPLE'S PRIDE. 

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