About Us

From conversations in and with our LGBTQIA+ community locally and hearing views from the world over, we know an additional  Pride event that is non-commercial, safe for all and not overwhelming, explicitly inclusive of all the facets of our community, and fights in a material way for the rights of all of us, is something both desired and needed.
Therefore after 6 months+ of research and talking to various community groups etc, we set about setting up  People's Pride. We then went about finding members to join a committee and together since January 2020  have formed a community group with a constitution, set up a bank account, and started to organize an additional FREE pride event starting in Southampton in September 2021. 
Who Are We?
We are a group of LGBTQIA+ people and allies with a vision to build additional events for the community and we encourage people and groups to join us in organizing these additional and complementary grass-roots events. We are a fully registered community group and are bound by our constitution a copy of which can be downloaded by clicking here.
Meet The Family

Chair-Person. Pauline is our Chair-Person She is also a campaigner campaigning on BAME, Transgender, and Lesbian issues, etc as well.


Contact: Pauline@peoplesprideuk.com

Vice-Chairperson/Founder/ Stall Bookings. Jake is the current vice-chairperson and founder. He has a long history of working on events since he was just 16 years old and has worked on many events all across the country. He also handles the stall bookings.


Stall Bookings: Co
ntact: Stalls@peoplesprideuk.com or click here

Secretary. This position is currently vacant. Bio coming soon. 


Contact: coming soon.

Nat - Treasurer. Nat was elected to this role in February 2020. Bio to follow.                             


Contact: Treasurer@peoplesprideuk.com or click here

Becki - Web Designer. Becki is our web designer, they are currently working on our brand new website which will be delivered later in 2020. Bio coming soon. 


Contact: web@peoplesprideuk.com or click here

VACANT - Artist Bookings - This position is currently vacant.


Contact: acts@peoplesprideuk.com  or click here

Barbara - Membership Secretary. Barbara is our current membership secretary and was elected to this role in March 2020. Bio coming soon.


Contact: membership@peoplesprideuk.com  or click here

If you have any other questions, comments, complaints or would like to join us please click here to contact us.

© 2023 by  PEOPLE'S PRIDE. 

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